Child Training

September 13, 2022
Child training is a rigorous exercise that takes Time, Resources , Energy , Emotions and Hope in the process. It must then be done with Knowledge, Decisiveness, Precision, and Planning.
Nothing on earth gives greater delight than the sight of a Balanced and Properly trained child living in God’s purpose for his/ her life.
Child training is an investment that pays far greater dividends than any other investment and it is the most fulfilling job that God rewards. A parent that is humble and seeks God’s guidance will enjoy training the child.
Children learn faster from their parents’ attitude than from any other source. After building a fine character comes the input of knowledge. A good example is far more effective than mere words, when you demonstrate good virtues before the children then they become an asset to God, the family, the society, and the country at large.
The whole idea of socialization is to facilitate the transmission of cultural heritage from one generation to another, it is naturally agreed that only positive values can be transmitted to another generation.
The erosion of these values has led to the degeneration of Morality in Our Society, the family can be said to be one of the basic important socializing agents, the society does not exist in isolation from the family.
Life in our society today is Chaotic and Brutish because the family has lost its Serenity.
When parents pay adequate attention to their responsibilities towards their children, then Social Ills will be at their ebb.
┬áThe Question is ‘How much of your child do you know?’
All our children will be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of our children.
Uzuazor E. O
Admin Officer @Daystar Nursery and Primary School.

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