January 19, 2023
The problem of self-reliance has been a perpetual and a pressing issue that needed to be address with an iron and serious hands among Nigerian, especially the youth. However, this problem is rooted to our educational system. As schools, only produces graduates who are potential slaves; I mean job seekers, instead of being a job creator. The youth are trained to have a strong believes of salaried job, instead of being self-employed and create jobs for people in their society with strong mind of creativity and initiative.

Isah (2009) asserts, “A core problem of the Nigerian educational system is the theoretical mode of education which she inherited from the colonial masters. It was in response to this change that a technological base National Policy on Education was introduced, there is need to retrain the staffs. In a similar not Babalola (2008) explains that knowledge has been found to change every 4-5 years, hence many graduates with 10years experience requires refresher courses. The Nigerian school curriculum often fails to encourage courses on entrepreneurship.

The 9-years Basic Education Curriculum (2004) the fifth features of the programme emphasized on the infusion of creative and critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills and relevance of the National Economic Empowerment and Development strategy (NEEDS) into the relevant content of curriculum. The focal point however, in development of the Basic Education Curriculum was to ensure unfettered access and equity to education for the total development of the individual citizen. Thus, the poor, the socially marginalized and vulnerable groups can effectively develop their full capacities and potentials.

Young entrepreneurs often say that, it is exhilarating to plan something, to watch it grow and to know you made it happen. This sentence perfectly describes the reasons most often given by young entrepreneurs as to why they are in business. In addition, when you talk to other young entrepreneurs you will hear the same thing repeatedly. The most important benefits of starting and running their own business is that they are free to do what they like and how they like it. Indeed, to me, the essence of entrepreneurship is the freedom to do what you like most. Some individual with entrepreneurial spirit may spend a few hours a week on their business, while others may spend every working moment trying to make their business successful. The bottom line is that, no matter how much time the business, they feel a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment in the end. This sense of fulfillment is more rewarding than money. Some people call this type of fulfillment “psychic income” and this is practically refers to as self-reliance.

Entrepreneur as factor of production is a body that organizes human and materials resources for the production of goods and services. Entrepreneur may be the owner of a company, or a manager or a board of director of a public company. Whatever he may be, he is the driving force behind the production and movement of goods and services. Well! The explanation above about entrepreneurship is limited to certain independence. Entrepreneurship in its broader sense is a process of making individual explored their potentials and initiatives or creativities for greatness, which will in turn build their self-confidence in order to become self-reliant and self-sufficient in the race of life.

Entrepreneurship is a source of job creation, empowerment and economic dynamism in a rapidly globalizing world.
Entrepreneurship prepares people to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities thereby become self-sufficient. A person, who is self-reliant, is a person who is self-employed, because self-employment is one of the key to working out of poverty. To move out of poverty, one needs to truly want more, make the effort to gain it, seek self-employment over normal employment, gain the necessary skills to accomplish it and establish personal values like organization, cleanliness, honesty and others in one’s life. If such virtues are found, then further opening and calling to the force will enable a multiplier effect of great achievement. It is a formula for ultimate success, prosperity, and joy.
The market is an unselfish thinker. The quest of knowledge (in the world) is there in great measure than before, in an unprecedented measure. It is a valuable market for those who are willing to exert themselves to cater for that market. That market is ubiquitous. It cannot be known from the textbooks or college courses. It has to come out of one’s own thinking based on his own observation of others’ needs. For such person, an unselfish THINKER, there is an ever-expanding market in every sector. He who discovers it is the pioneer in that field.


Self-reliant through entrepreneurship and attracting money; the real power to attract money comes from our own self-reliant through entrepreneurship, determination and will; not from dependence on another’s help and support. The power to attract money comes from the psychological viewpoint that I aim the ultimate determinant of my fate. Development occurs when we take it in our own hands to wanting it. It is a truism to the field of development that society will really develop when it is into their own hands. Any work of the government or other agencies may do the initial spadework, but it is not capable of consummating the process of development & a high degree of prosperity.

To be continued…

Balogun, O. A
Daystar Schools,
Ipaja, Lagos. 

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