February 13, 2023
To be bold is to be courageous, brave and confident in taking an important step.
You don’t even have to believe in yourself to be bold, though it is equally important to believe in oneself.
Boldness means taking the plunge and see what it feels like when you make the decision to take the plunge, you will sum up the courage on the way down and see that there is nothing to it, you only need just that initial first step.
We don’t realize the immense authority we have at this very moment to influence the world around and within us by just taking a single bold step and action towards changing our life and the perspective we have about it until Success is achieved.
It takes boldness for a child to stand against Temptation and Peer Pressure in this Present World of Gross immorality and Negative influence from the Entertainment Industry
Life is not a matter of Chance but Choice and it is not something to be waited for but to be achieved.
Destiny does not bring luck or happiness to anyone, we owe it to ourselves to choose our destiny before it chooses.
Be bold about your dreams, Take Risks.
You can either apologize for your life or you step up for it.
Uzuazor E.O
Admin Officer @ Daystar Nursery and Primary School.

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