December 4, 2023
It is a known fact that the youths are the manpower base of every society. Given a good job, they display proper sense of commitment and patriotism. They do not easily get tired because of their biological makeup, as well as their abiding sense of ambition and expectations for a better future.
They work faster, put in more man-hours and hold potentials for longer years in service and career.
It is not an overstatement to say that, the potentials for the realization of sustainable growth, higher productivity and enhanced development can be realized and maximized through proper mobilization of Youths and by creating good job opportunities for them.  The huge subsidy on education and training of youths in advanced societies is informed by this understanding.
It is therefore pertinent to employ measures of employing, engaging and empowering these indefatigable youths towards national development.
Entrepreneurship will help the country out of the shackles of unemployment that has ravaged and rendered many youths useless. It is about working hard to improve on existing skills no matter how good it may look. It is about creative innovations and convening your environment. It is about self reliance, self-worth self actualization and increased self-confidence. It is about entrepreneurship.
It is an Impetus for Youth Employment.
Uzuazor E. O (Mrs)
Admin Officer
Daystar Nursery and Primary School.

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