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May 25, 2023
1. Develop the spirit of wealth creation and self-employment: Wealth lies in self-employment, not on salaried jobs e.g. in India the talents have graviated to the security of salaried jobs in the government where the present as well as the future is secure. Security banishes the accomplishment of the entrepreneur, the self-employed adventure. The majority of people who have started an industry on their own have become bankrupt because, they are driven by ambition and are not endowed with the capacities for organization. Prosperity involves risk. Adventure is of the spirit. Security is physical. Bodily labour and physical skill receive the least reward. The higher rewards are reserved for the spirit. The higher values of the spirit, viz. truthfulness, honesty, etc expressed in daily life avoid the risks to venture and other unfailing success. That way, self-employment removes failure and offers secure wealth.
2. Risk – taking: people take note of a raising star when his coffers are receiving cascades of fortune. Common prudence sees that the continuous RISKS he takes make him a notable. A man risks has all–may be a small fortune-and success and comes by a few croves should he desire to rise, life at every step demands his risk all at the moment. Men who once successfully risked their all and rose, refuse further risks and level off. Business is all about risk because is rooted on profit and lost. A raising star is who constantly risks. That is what makes him an entrepreneur. Unemployed people clamour for jobs. They do not readily consider the alternate option and self-employment or taking risk because life itself is all about risk. Salaried employment offers security. The first casualty of self-employment is that sense of security, which is risky. Unless one comes to enjoy the security of insecurity, his is not meant for self-employment, which give rise proper self-reliant through entreprenuership and the attendant risks. Salaried employment is a part, while self-employment is a whole. The part it enamored of the whole, must part with it security and court ever present insecurity.
3. Translating of dream and vision into reality: “Rich is he who has a dream, even without coins in his pocket” (Taiwo 2009). An entrepreneur person is a dreamer who accomplish his dream through creating, organization and production of ideas as inclusive in capacities and skills when you have to earn for yourself, you become part of the social existence that can support an income.
Emmanuel (2008) in his survey conducted of 160 young teen investors (ages 16-18) who attended “Entrecon”, a high school conference in entrepreneurship at the University of Pennylvania. He asked the participants why they were interested in starting their business path. These young people expressed their motivation for becoming entrepreneur in terms of the sense of satisfaction that enterprenuership gave them as well as the sense of being in control of their own destines. A statistic that will surprise you according to him is that only 15 percent of the students were interested in enterprenuership solely as a way to earn money-when one of the young entrepreneurs at “Entrecon”, was asked what got her interested in enterprenuership; she said “security-happiness that I will be doing something I created. As an entrepreneur, you don’t limits unless you limit yourself.
Taiwo (2007) asserts, “I have had the privileged of translating my vision into reality”. As student at the University of Ibadan, Taiwo saw how the institution was becoming infamous for the growing increase of prostitution, as well as the level of discrimination and molestation against female students. After she discovered there was not a single female-focused organization in the University nor a forum for exchanging information, Taiwo was motivated in September 2000, to find like-minded people, mobilize resources, and establish an NGO, called ‘Echoes’. The objectives of “Echoes” are to train and empower female students so that they build their self-confidence and are able to take active leadership roles in the development of their communities. “Echoes” also trains female students to acquire vocational skills like hairdressing, dressmaking, bead production, shoe and bag production from local hides and skins, interior decoration, poultry and portrait production. Female students were also taught business and management strategies, communication skills and information technology. “Echoes” has contributed immensely to youth employment as female students now gainfully employed, and there has been a sharp decline in female prostitution rates around campus.
4. Proper utilization of every difficult situation: A trial or hard circumstances around man is always a period of exploring and discovering human hiding potentials. Abraham Lincoln looses all his election from the district representative but never gives up and was aiming higher until he finally got to the presidency and he won. Bill-Gate the owner of Microsoft Company the most used application package today on computer systems tried several times and failed but he picked up the challenges as opportunities for him to discover his potential but he made it at last. What about Ben Carson who was libel in School as “Dummy” (Dull student), he used that opportunity to discovered the greatness in him and he became the first neurosurgeon who separated twins born attached together in their heads.
Balogun O.A (Mrs.)
Daystar schools,
Ipaja, Lagos.

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